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Town of BanosINDIGENOUS PEOPLEMel at Casa de Fe

Town of Banos

View of the town of Banos, Ecuador where I do missionary work

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These People live in the Mountains of Ecuador

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Mel at Casa de Fe

Mel volunteering at the Orphanage Casa de Fe in Shell, Ecuador.

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Our Books

Poverty, ignorance, and lack of faith in God  can bring hopelessness.  Within this environment the need for survival often compels people to farm and sell illegal drugs under the most threatening conditions. This includes close encounters with venomous snakes. After all, it is far easier and far more profitable to sell cocaine than say coffee beans.The Book Cocaine River Kid It is within this setting that the desperate prayers of one mother crying out to God to save her baby. This is a true story of one rescued young boy who came to the “The Sweet Refuge Orphanage”.




“My Name is”……is a remarkable story about the first orphan that came to the Sweet Refuge Orphanage when it initially started by Dr. Wesley King and his now

deceased wife.My Name Is

This orphan came from the Amazon jungle of Ecuador where he was abandoned by his mother and left to fend for himself after his father died.

The traumatic situations endured by this orphan throughout his younger years before reaching the orphanage are told in this book in a touching, vivid, emotional and passionate way. This is a story that exemplifies the work of the great commission.


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My Ministry

Mel Rivera has a profound passion for the mission field. In the year 2004 he got on a plane from Bradley International Airport and landed in Quito, Ecuador. After spending […]

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OPERATION ECUADOR 2019 JCFilms has finally finished filming the movie “A Child of the King.” A movie based on the missionary journey of Dr. Wesley King. This low-budget film will […]

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TEN REASONS TO GIVE Deuteronomy 15:10– “Give generously to him and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all […]

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